Eviction Policy

Not Implemented

Currently, the amount of data that a user can write to the network is unbounded, introducing a potential for sybil attack.

To mitigate such issue, in the future we will impose a data eviction policy and only expect the network's full node operator to retain the most recent 16MB of data with a valid schema.

Data for each full node is bounded by the same data eviction policy. Once a per day by default, and as often as needed, each node will go through data for each peer and remove message record based on the following rules:

  • any non-archive messages with an invalid message hash

  • any non-archive messages not included in the most recent 16MB (size determined by serialized message hex)

  • any archive message with invalid schema

The expectation for the user is that the network will always keep the most recent 16MB of data available to participants in the network. All history beyond the most recent 16MB will be kept available based on network participation (e.g. browser peersโ€™ local storage), as well as any available archives.

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