How does moderation work?

Thread Moderation

Users can moderate their own thread by adjusting who can reply to their post. By default, a post is unmoderated and anyone can reply. To change moderation setting, click on Show reply from everyone

You should see four different moderation settings:

  • Show reply from everyone: anyone can comments on your post

  • Hide replies that you blocked: users who are blocked by OP cannot reply. If OP blocks a specific reply, such reply will be hidden away from everyone's default views

  • Show replies that you followed or liked: only users followed by OP can make a reply. If OP likes a specific reply when reviewing unmoderated view, such reply will appear on everyone's default views

  • Show replies from people you mentioned: only users mentioned on the original post can reply to the thread. OP can also show/hide reply from default views by liking or blocking specific replies.

Thread moderations are only applied locally. Any users can choose to ignore the OP's moderation policy by opting into an unmoderated view.

Global Moderation

At the node level, each autismd node can filter out contents from API response by setting a list of addresses, representing the list of global moderators whose combined list of blocked users will become the banlist for the node.

This allows node operators to apply any moderation policy as they choose without affect other nodes in the network.

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